Symbiotic agriculture has 3 targets, in balance


Improve soil’s health and fertility.

For this reason, fertilizers and agrochemical products, that contain heavy metals, are banned. Furthermore hybrid seeds and GMO are prohibited.

Fertilization must be done by using natural substances, such as manure.

Soil protection is reached also by using mycorrhizae and good bacteria in the ground. In this way symbiont fungi are protected, as they are so important as vulnerable to chemicals.

Improve the function of our second brain: the intestine.

The microorganisms, present in the ground and in the intestine, help to stay healthy because they aid the absorption of nutrients and keep bad bacteria away from the intestine.

In this way the intestinal biota is daily reinforced and maintained.

An intestine with many good bacteria is functional for an immune response; it seems to be demonstrated that food allergies are linked to the consumption of industrial food, almost sterilized.

Create functional products.

Take care of animals is, as well as environmental protection, the basis of symbiotic products.

For this reason are banned treatment with hormones or similar substances, for reproduction, synthetic chemical medicinal products and antibiotics. Animal feeding is based at first on mother’s milk and then of ground’s products.

The result is a food that is different for its nutritional properties.